7 Senior Wellness Tips You Need to Know

It’s important that we do what we can to encourage senior wellness as our loved ones age.  At Advanced Nursing + Home Support, we strive to encourage healthy aging practices for all of our clients.  See below for seven senior wellness tips you can follow to help maintain wellness for the elderly loved ones in your life.   

Get Enough Sleep to Help Maintain Senior Wellness

Getting enough sleep is important for everyone, but it is one of the most important health advice tips for seniors as they can particularly struggle with sleeping enough.  This is due to hormonal changes in their bodies, health conditions, and medications they may be taking. Luckily, there are many tips to help seniors sleep to ensure they’re getting the rest they need!

To Help Maintain Senior Health Eat a Proper Diet

If we want our bodies to function at their best, especially as we age, we need a proper diet to fill them with healthy fuel! It can be difficult to get our elderly loved ones to eat at times, but adequate nutrition is essential to healthy aging. It’s also key to preventing diseases like diabetes, avoiding muscle loss and weight gain, maintaining bone density and a healthy heart, and lowering inflammation throughout the body.  Encourage your elderly loved ones to eat well to help them live their best life!  

Staying Physically Active is an Important Part of Healthy Aging

Much like healthy eating, it is important for both the physical and mental health of seniors that they stay active.  An active lifestyle can help our elderly loved ones avoid health concerns such as injury or illness by helping to lessen risk factors for these conditions.  Encourage your aging loved ones to stay active and moving to help them stay healthy. Elderly people may be concerned with getting out in the community to exercise during COVID, but there are plenty of ways to stay active safely at home!  

Keep in Touch with People

Senior health isn’t just physical wellbeing, it includes mental and emotional wellbeing, too. It is very important that we stay social with both peers and family as we age.  Staying in touch with people helps seniors to maintain their social and cognitive health. It keeps their brains stimulated and helps them to stave off loneliness. 

It also means the elderly are surrounded by people who are concerned for their well-being.  These friends and family will watch out for our aging loved ones and notice if they start acting unusually or if they haven’t been around in a while.  These friends can then have people check on the seniors we care about to make sure they’re doing okay.

Find Emotional Support

For seniors to maintain their best health, it is important that they stay emotionally supported as they age. Keeping in touch with people, as mentioned above, will mean they have friends and neighbors they can lean on when they have to face the challenges life presents.  Struggles are always easier to handle when there are friends available, offering support.  Another great resource for senior emotional support may be for your aging loved one to invite a furry friend into their home! Pets are an excellent source of companionship, which contributes to overall wellness for the elderly.

For Good Senior Health, Seek Out Mental Stimulation

The mental health and the health of a senior’s brain are just as important as their physical health.  Keeping these two factors strong is how they stay alert and ward off diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.  One great option for helping your senior loved ones accomplish this is to encourage them to learn a new art or craft.  They could also study a new language or try their hand at mind games like word or number puzzles. 

Maintain Your Identity and Purpose

To maintain healthy aging, seniors need to stay strong in mind and body.  Part of doing that is to maintain a sense of purpose by staying involved in their community and continuing to do the things they enjoy. This could be achieved through volunteering, getting involved with a local charity, religious or civic organization, or by pursuing new passions.  Encourage the seniors in your life to take a yoga class, join a local community or senior center, or learn to play an instrument.

Learn More About Wellness Tips for the Elderly Today 

At Advanced Nursing + Home Support, our compassionate team of caregivers is committed to helping our clients maintain senior health throughout their retirement years.  Our goal is to help them stay comfortable and safe in their home for as long as possible.  

If you or a loved one are seeking health advice for seniors in Maryland or the D.C. area, contact us at Advanced Nursing + Home Support today.  We have professionals who can offer senior wellness tips. 

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