Join the “A” Team

Advanced Nursing & Home Care has been the area’s top choice for home health care for nearly three decades. Our mission is to advance the well-being of our care recipients and their families through top-notch care, outstanding service, and an exceptional experience. We are currently seeking CNAs, LPNs, and RNs to join our team and care for our expanding group of clients.

If you are a companion, home health aide, nursing assistant, certified nursing assistant, RN, or LPN, we’d love to hear from you.

Nurse putting her hand on an elderly mans shoulder and another nurse smiling at an elderly woman

Current Positions & Openings

To inquire about employment opportunities, please contact our office Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST at 240-430-1702.

Required Documentation

Please bring these required documents for any interview:

  • Social Security, State ID (Driver’s License or NON-Driver ID)
  • CPR, First Aide, Physical (yearly)
  • PPD (yearly) or X-Ray, $40 for an in-house background check.


We believe that taking good care of our employees will help them take good care of our clients. We offer flexible schedules, competitive wages, and ongoing training.

100% MEC Health Benefit

Our health benefit plan ensures comprehensive medical coverage that meets all essential health care requirements.

Premium Paid by Employer: Eligible employees work 130 hours a month for three months.

Overtime & Holiday Pay

We ensure fair compensation for additional work hours and designated holidays beyond regular employment, promoting equitable remuneration.

Free Continuing Education

Employees have access to free continuing education, which empowers individuals to constantly expand their knowledge and skills, fostering lifelong learning and professional growth.

MoCo Earned Sick and Safe Leave

We provide employees with earned sick and safe leave, ensuring their well-being and job security during illness or personal emergencies.

Ask Us Anything

We lend a caring hand in navigating difficult decisions.  If you have a family member needing home care in Maryland and DC, start your journey to peace by contacting Advanced Nursing & Home Care now. Our skilled, caring providers offer unmatched service. Get in touch online or call 240-474-0884 for details.

Nurse smiling and two people holding hands