Wellbeing Initiatives

In our mission to provide complete and continuing care that supports the entire ecosystem of families, individuals, and care providers, we actively develop wellbeing initiatives to serve as hubs of knowledge and support. We’ve created support centers to equip individuals and communities with essential skills for holistic health. We also offer tailored support under healthcare professionals’ guidance, ensuring comprehensive care and promoting independent living.

Nurse giving an elderly woman an exam and another nurse talking to an elderly man
Doctor and nurse standing in front of a group of medical professionals

Wellbeing Academy

Our Wellbeing Academy is a complete resource and support system for families, caregivers, and Advanced Nursing & Home Care providers interested in enhancing the well-being of their loved ones or those under their care. We provide various learning opportunities like educational programs and workshops, along with resources, all aimed at empowering caregivers and boosting the overall health of care recipients. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to sharing their knowledge and experience to assist families, caregivers, and care providers in delivering exceptional care.

Community Wellbeing Centers

We’ve developed a program for senior living communities that helps residents stay in their homes comfortably and independently as they age. Our Wellbeing Centers are customized for each community and run by healthcare experts. They offer first aid, help with medical appointments and tests, and promote overall wellness. Our main goal is to boost seniors’ well-being and confidence, allowing them to enjoy life fully while ensuring they can get excellent care and support whenever required.

Nurse pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair

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