Hospital Stay & Exit Support

If you or a loved one is undergoing an operation, staying on top of your health before and after the surgery is essential. We provide extensive post-operative care at home, advancing wellbeing throughout the recovery process. Our clients can rest assured that they have the support and supervision they need to make a full and comfortable recovery while maintaining their daily routines.

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"We are currently using this service for my father. We are very pleased with the professional way we are being treated. The office staff as well as the caregivers are very kind and caring. If we were not pleased with a caregiver and let the office know, they were very understanding and sent replacement. We are extremely pleased with the current caregiver, Jane, and appreciate help from her."


Managing surgery, stress, and care.

Surgery can cause a lot of stress because the outcome is often uncertain. When we plan to take care of patients before and after surgery, we think about how well they can move, what treatments and medicines they’ll need, and how to help them heal quickly. Before and after surgery, patients need support, including comfort from someone close to them and care from Registered Nurses and specialists who help with healing. Some of the most common pre- and post-surgery nursing care services we provide include (but are not limited to):

Procedure Prep

Before surgery, clients need to get ready. This includes instructions about eating, drinking, exercising, and travel plans.

Medication Management

Skilled nurses will make sure you take your medications correctly and at the correct times.

Our nursing team offers advanced care after surgery. They handle medications, wound care, breathing assistance, and rehab.

Wound Dressing

Our nurses regularly clean and dress wounds to help you recover after surgery.

We help with daily cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and more. We’re also here to listen to your concerns.


Our licensed caregivers can take you to surgery and follow-up appointments.

Need a specialized skilled nursing service not listed?

Please tell us how we can help. Our skilled nurses at Advanced Nursing & Home Care create personalized care plans for each client, ensuring your specific needs are met.

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