Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing care involves advanced medical assistance from registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and other licensed health professionals. This type of care is especially beneficial for older adults and individuals with disabilities who require more than standard home care. If you or someone you care about needs in-home skilled nursing care in Maryland and the D.C. area, Advanced Nursing & Home Care can provide a team of highly trained and compassionate nurses.

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We take pride in carefully matching our personal caretaker clients with RNs or LPNs who fit their lifestyles, needs, and personality well. We aim to address our client’s medical requirements while allowing them to maintain their comfort and independence at home. Contact us today to contact a skilled nursing professional who can provide expert care.

Advanced Nursing & Home Care Reviews

Discover why we are recognized as one of the top home health care agencies in Maryland and Washington D.C.

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"As a home-based primary care provider, I am very impressed by Advanced's compassion and professionalism. They are flexible and easy to work with, but the most important attribute is the high quality of home-based care my patients receive. They are my first go-to provider for skilled nursing services."

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Personalized Care for Your Needs

People needing complex medical care daily, yet preferring to avoid hospitals or assisted living, might find a solution in Advanced Nursing & Home Care. Our skilled nursing “A” Team offers services like medication administration, treatment oversight, wound dressing, and more, all in the comfort of your home. Here are some advanced in-home skilled nursing care options available through Advanced Nursing & Home Care:

An important responsibility of skilled nursing care providers is ensuring clients receive their daily medications on time and in the appropriate method. Skilled nurses are also trained to administer intravenous medications.

IV Therapy

Skilled nursing care professionals can assist clients who need intravenous fluid therapy to treat dehydration or other medical issues.

Ventilator Management

Managing ventilators requires an advanced knowledge of lung pressures and lung compliance, which our skilled nurses possess.

Tracheostomy Management

Clients undergoing tracheostomies will constantly monitor their airways for tube dislodgement and leakages.

This type of care includes properly dressing and cleaning wounds and monitoring incisions and drainage.

Whether our clients prepare for surgery post-accident, recovering from surgery, or healing independently, our team offers a wide range of post-accident care services designed to promote recovery and get them back on their feet.

ALS / MS Care

Clients with ALS and MS receive advanced mobility assistance and medical and personal support.

Transitional Care

If you or a loved one is transitioning from a hospital or rehab facility back to their home, a qualified personal caretaker can be there every step of the way. And they can help bridge the gap between discharge and getting to the first follow-up appointment.

Need a specialized skilled nursing service not listed?

Please tell us how we can help. Our skilled nurses at Advanced Nursing & Home Care create personalized care plans for each client, ensuring your specific needs are met.

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