My Elderly Parent Won’t Accept Help! What Do I Do?

There comes a point in time when you may realize that your parents need assistance with everyday tasks. But hiring them help isn’t always as simple as finding a reputable company and giving them a call. Sometimes, parents refuse outside help. But if you’re unable to drop what you’re doing and provide them the assistance they need, what options are left?

At Advanced Nursing & Home Support, we see this problem quite frequently, which is why you can trust us for advice on the matter.

Tips to Get Your Parent to Accept Help

Pride, fear, unwillingness to accept the realities of aging and extreme discomfort with change are some of the reasons why parents refuse help. If you’re trying to convince your parent to rely on an outsider for assistance with daily tasks, consider these approaches:

  • Ask for reasons. Hold a family meeting with your parent and family members. Talk to them and find out why they don’t want help. You don’t want to force them into something they are really against. It could be eye-opening to see the situation from their perspective.
  • Get input from a doctor. If you really think your parent would benefit from having a nurse with them throughout the day, ask their physician for their opinion. They can help you make an educated decision based on the health of your parent.
  • Provide options. Your parent might not be interested in having a full-time nurse with them 24/7, but they might be open to the idea of having a companion for a few days a week to help bring them to appointments, the grocery store, and on other errands.

Explain the Benefits of In-Home Care

Knowing what to do to help them can be hard, especially when they really don’t want a whole lot of help. Not all elderly are open to the idea of receiving assistance, but with in-home care, you and your loved one will experience:

  • Independence – Many seniors prefer to “age in place,” which means they don’t want to be placed in a nursing home where they lose a sense of dignity and independence. With in-home care, the senior is able to continue their normal routine with the assistance of a caregiver.
  • Personalized, one-on-one care – No one person, lifestyle, or situation is the same, which is why in-home care is a popular choice. Because it is more personalized, it’s extremely efficient and allows your loved one to experience a sense of companionship with their caregiver.
  • Peace of mind – If you’ve noticed your parent or loved one could use assistance around the house, but helping yourself isn’t plausible, hiring in-home care can take a weight off your shoulders.

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