Mother's Day Activities For Your Senior Loved One

Brainstorming Mother’s Day ideas for elderly usually requires a bit more thought and planning. There may be some new limitations on what you can do together and the gifts you can give her. Luckily, you there are a lot of gift ideas and Mother’s Day activities for seniors you can look to when planning a meaningful day/gift for your mother.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Elderly Moms

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your mom that she’s special to you. Consider what she’s proud of and the impact she has on you and your family’s lives, both currently and in the past. Below are some gift ideas to celebrate your relationship with your mom and who she is as a person, and/or simply give her something she’ll enjoy! 

Smartphone or Tablet

If you’re able to splurge on your mom this Mother’s Day, consider gifting her a new smartphone or tablet to make staying in touch easier than ever. Maintaining communication is so important as parents age, especially if you don’t live close by or if your senior mother lives in a nursing home or assisted living facility. 

Digital Picture Frame

Help your mother cherish old memories and keep up with new milestones by upgrading the old-fashioned photo album to a digital picture frame. Digital picture frames are able to hold thousands of photos and can be updated remotely, so you can share new pictures with mom in real time.

Bathrobe, Pajamas or Slippers

Gift your mom comfort and relaxation this Mother’s Day. Products like robes, pajamas, slippers, candles, skincare and more are great Mother’s Day gifts for elderly moms who find it harder to prioritize self-care or who can’t get out of the house as often to visit a salon or spa.

Games & Activities

Board games, puzzles, and coloring books are great gifts to keep your elderly mom entertained while helping maintain memory and motor skills that decline with age. You can also gift your mom with activities around her interests and hobbies like gardening tools, cook books, art supplies and more. 

For elderly mother’s living with cognitive impairment, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, look for specialized games and activities designed to reduce anxiety and agitation. 

Mobility Accessories

Make aging at home as easy as possible for your senior mother by giving her mobility accessories like tray tables, walkers and canes, pressure relief products, grabbers and more. These tools and devices make every day tasks simpler and safer for elderly moms, so you can worry less.

Mother’s Day Activities for Seniors

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts for elderly moms is quality time together. Try to get the family together, like all of her children and grandchildren. This will mean a lot to her, as chances are she doesn’t get to see you all together very often. Below are some ideas to help you create a day filled with new memories you’ll all treasure. 

Share a Meal at a Nice Restaurant

Nothing brings family together quite like a nice meal! Mother’s Day is a great excuse to treat your mom to lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant, or to try a new place she’s been wanting to visit. It’s an easy way to spend time together and just enjoy each other’s company.

Go for a Walk in the Park

  • Enjoy the nice weather, spend time outdoors (good to get older parents out of the house, esp. If they live in a nursing home/assisted living)
  • Important for seniors to continue to get exercise 
  • Could be as rigorous as a hike for active seniors, or as lesirurly as a picnic

Explore Local Museums

  • Calm, relaxing way to spend time
  • Can be tailored to interests like history, art, etc.
  • Continue to learn new things and keep the mind sharp

Treat Your Mom to a Shopping Spree

  • Good to show your mom some extra love by getting her things she may not opt to buy herself
  • Make sure she knows she’s cared for
  • Also an opportunity to get things she may really need and hasn’t had the time or opportunity to pick up herself

Get a Spa Treatment or Massage

  • Pamper your mom, make her feel special and beautiful
  • Also good to alleviate tension and help loosen up tight muscles and joints
  • Could be good for senior moms with certain pain points, there are even special treatments tailored to certain ailments like arthritis

Watch a Favorite Movie Together

  • If your mom prefers to stay home, watch a marathon of her favorite movies (also a good option if she’s homebound due to an illness or old age)
  • Also a good option if you can’t be together in person (Netflix watch party, etc.)

Give Your Mom the Gift of Compassionate Care

Let Advanced Nursing + Home Support help make life easier for mom this Mother’s Day. If your elderly mother needs in-home care in the Maryland and DC area, take the first step towards peace of mind and contact Advanced Nursing + Home Support today. 

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